How to Tweet to Generate Income from Sponsored Tweets


One of the most important factors which sponsored tweets advertisers look for is how you tweet and you tweeting is how much impactful on your followers. Thus, on that note, it is entirely necessary to understand that how to tweet to generate income. Or in simple words what tips and tricks to follow to make your tweets as a source of revenue for you.

So here are the ways which you should follow to enhance your sponsored tweets income.

1. Select Keywords Intelligently

Yes, it is one of the important aspects to look after while setting up the sponsored tweets profile. Thus select the keywords intelligently to put in your description so that advertisers can identify you as the one for whom they are searching. And for the same you can choose popular and long keywords for example – technology, food, amusement, etc.

2. Enhance Your Klout Score

Klout score can range between the scale of 1 to 100 depending on how much influential you are, means how one is likely to react or comment on your tweet. Thus the definition for Klout Score is the figure that relates to the size and strength of your sphere of influence on Twitter and gets calculated by reach, velocity, engagement, demand, network strength, and activity. Thus, to know about your Klout score don’t forget to sign up for Klout account. Because when you do so, it will show your Klout score on your sponsored tweets page otherwise it will show Zero always.

3. Put on ClickWatch

As it helps advertisers to find out the tweeters whose tweets have a good click performance after 48 hours of tweeting. And if CPC for tweeter’s tweet is above $1.50 then the sponsored tweets system automatically schedule the next tweet and if click performance is good again after 48 hours then schedule the third tweet. Thus, put on ClickWatch in your sponsored tweets control panel so that they can identify you as a potential tweeter.

4. Apply for Celebrity Status

Yes, it can also help you to open now door for opportunities. As sponsored tweet lists Web celebrities and star at first. And it is undeniable truth that the first page exposure can provide you as many as offers which others page not. Thus to get as many as offers you can apply for web celebrity status just by filling a form thereby mentioning the details asked or for a staff pick as they list staff picks just after celebrities. Even if sponsored tweets find you potential tweeter, then it manually lists you in internet celebrities.

Hope this post will help you to make money through sponsored tweets. Also, let us know about your views and comments in the comment section below. We would love to hear from your end.

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