How to Invite All Friends on Facebook in just a Single Click


We all have the Facebook account, and we all use it for certain reasons like searching something, for knowing about brands, services, and products of any business, celebrities and many more things of our choice. And to stay connected with all those we admire to do like, follow, subscribe and even invite our friends to like our favorite brands on Facebook and to make others also aware of it.

We invite them one by one with the invite option of the Facebook. But have you ever think of inviting all of your friends at the same time? I believe that you had. As sending invitations one by one takes time, so is it possible to send invitations to all of them at one click?

Yes, it is possible to send requests of invitation to your whole list of friends just in one click. Let I tell you how you can do this.

You can do it with the help of an extension of Google Chrome. Yes, you have heard it right. Invite all friends on Facebook is the extension which let you enable to invite all of your friends at the same time & in just one simple click.

Steps to Invite All Friends on Facebook

  1. For example, if you have to invite your friends for liking the Facebook Page of ContentBloggers and want to do in one click then you have to add it to Chrome.
  2. Once you have done with this you have to go to the Facebook Page of ContentBloggers, and then invite option on Facebook present on the left-hand side, and then have to click on the icon of the extension.
  3. Then it finds all contacts and sends invite automatically. As soon as you will do it, it will invite all of your friends.
  4. After that, it will ask for the review, so you can provide a review if you want to let others know about it.

This extension is completely superb as with this you can invite 1000 friends at a time which is indeed a great thing. If you have an extremely long list of friends, then it might block you for a few hours after inviting 1000 friends, but nothing is to worry about as it will again get started after few hours.

If you possess a long list of friends on Facebook, then it is the best extension to make use of. Also, it will save your lot of time which you can utilize in other works and hence will also help to enhance your productivity in this way.

So please do share the post on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and other social media platforms as well, or by emailing a friend to make them know about the useful extension and also to show your love. Also, don’t forget to pour your views in the comment section below to make me aware of the post and extension as well as how it works for you in terms of inviting all friends on Facebook in just a single click.

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