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Choosing the right hotel to stay whenever you travel is a must; it is the key to enjoying fabulous travel so you should really take your time and make the right choice. If you are planning on visiting Dubai anytime soon, allow me to recommend this particular establishment: the Armani Hotel.

The Armani Hotel is Dubai is definitely one of the best hotels in the world. If what you look for from a hotel is total luxury, this is the establishment you should visit. Located in the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, you will get nothing but the best services and utter indulgence throughout your stay.

Thousands of culinary options, plus a nightclub and an extensive spa, are the kind of entertainment and enjoyable traits you can expect from this world class luxury hotel. Recognize the Armani brand as a signature of excellence? The same level of excellence is being offered by the hotel.

You can easily access Dubai’s top tourism attractions from the hotel. The Burj Khalifa district is Dubai’s prime business and travel area, so you can easily find high-end shopping establishments and superb entertainment centers within walking distances from the hotel.

The Armani Hotel is the first Armani boutique hotel in the world. Don’t pack your bags just yet, since the hotel isn’t open for public until March. You can also get invited to the grand opening; superb luxury experience and lots of billionaires guaranteed. Book early though, since the number of people lining up to get a taste of this luxury treats is increasing real fast.

Diani Beach Resorts

If you don’t know already, Diani Beach is definitely one of the best beach-destination is the world. If you love spending hours of sunbathing or playing at the beach with friends and family, this is definitely the place you should visit on your next holiday. The Diani Beach is located on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast, just several miles to the south of Mombasa.

Diani Beach is definitely Kenya’s premiere beach attraction. The white sand beach is also one of the best in the world; you will surely enjoy playing with the sand, since the texture of the sand is very soft and comfortable even for kids. The beach is stunningly beautiful, with warm seas and beautiful coral reefs being the main attractions. Scuba diving, snorkeling, or taking a nice boat safari tour packages being offered by some of the top resorts in the area are among the best activities you can enjoy.

If you are worried about finding the right accommodation for your budget, don’t! Diani Beach is a growing travel destination, so you can easily find a good accommodation no matter what travel budget you have. If luxury is your preferred trait, then Diani Beach top resorts are ready to welcome you.

Cuisines and shopping areas are within walking distance from the beach itself, so you can simply go for a nice cruise around the area whenever you need a different holiday activity. Cuisine selections are quite huge, so going on a nice culinary adventure can also be great for your holiday.

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