Critical SEO Errors of E-Commerce Websites to Avoid


Today E-commerce business industry is on top as most of us like to shop online today. But it is also a truth that not every online business website or e-commerce business becomes as successful as the known ones in Ecommerce industry for e.g. Flipkart, eBay, and Amazon, etc. And there are many reasons behind this or I can say many SEO errors which E-commerce websites do.

Thus, in this post, we will discuss all those SEO errors of e-commerce websites which include lack of description of products, no presence of reviews, SSL Certificate, properly optimized URLs and so on. Ecommerce website owners should avoid these errors to make their business stand out in the competitive world of e-commerce business.

Absence of Product Description

One of the most important thing on which most e-commerce website owners do not pay much attention is Lack of product description. Only putting an image of the product will not help as search engines do not read images. So the presence of uniquely written description is necessary as it will help the customer to know deeply about the product. Additionally try to provide unique information wherever necessary on the product page for example on the sidebar, footer, etc. And also help search engines to index your page in SERPs better listing according to your description.

Thus, write unique and original (do not copy paste from other websites) product descriptions which help customers to make a buying decision. And hence also solve the problem of this common e-commerce SEO mistake.

Lack of Reviews From Customers

In present date whenever a user does online shopping through these e-commerce sites the first thing he searches for the reviews by customers. It is because who can better explain about the product other than a person who already used it. Thus, if your e-commerce website does not have a review section, then you are losing a huge audience base which could have been your potential customers.

Thus, a section for reviews from customers is a must as it will not only keep your page updated from time to time, also will help you to have unique content on your website. And it is what attracts search engines too for often visiting your page.

Using Product Description From Manufactures

Products on online e-commerce stores are from the same manufacturers and are distributed to different e-commerce stores with the same description. And the thing which these online store owners do is that they do not pay attention to that and keep them as it is provided by the manufacturers. Due to which it leads to creating the same description on different websites (duplicate content) and for that Google can penalize you thereby banning your site. Thus, not to get penalized by Google try to create the unique descriptions for all the product pages on your e-commerce website. If you are not able to do so at least, make those pages non-Indexable thereby putting No Index Meta Tag for you does not have a unique description.

Un-optimized URLs

It is also one of the biggest errors which e-commerce store owners overlook. You might have noticed that when we go through an e-commerce store link or product page link, we see gigantic numbers and ids and these types of URLS can’t be categorized as optimized URLs. The URL of the product page should be speaking it means that perfectly optimized with the proper use of keywords. It will not only make aware a customer about the product on the page (make aware what will he going to get by clicking on that particular link) but also make search engines to understand better about the product inside that URL. So it is also a factor to consider having good search engine ranking and genuine traffic as well.

To slow Site Loading Speed

It is a fast paced world, and everyone wants to get the things done a fast tempo, and the same rule applies in the case of Online shopping as well. Thus, if your site is loading is extremely slow then no one will wait till your site gets fully loaded. Instead, the customer will go for another option without wasting a second by pressing back button of the browser. It will not only affect your sales. Also, it will also affect your bounce rate and result in high bounce rate which is not a good signal from SEO perspective. Thus, it is also a factor to get resolved to stay in the safe zone.

Lack of SSL Certificate ( Website security)

When customers shop at your online store, they share their valuable information with you. Thus, they should feel safe and secure while they make a purchase from your store. And for that, you should have to pay attention to your website security not only to make your customers safe but also to make your e-commerce store secure itself. For the same, you can buy SSL certificate for your site which will do it all for you. SSL Certificates or HTTPS stands for the secure socket layer, and it is a way to guard transactions not only financial ones, but here transactions also stand for transactions amid destinations on a network.

Thus, buy an SSL certificate for your website which helps you to protect many things at the same time including form and page submissions, financial transactions and so on. You can either purchase an SSL Certificate for the domain only you own or also for the multiple domains (if you have many sub-domains) depending on your need. It costs very affordable for one domain, and you could purchase the certificate from the domain resellers who also provide it. Apart from also can buy certificate from individual providers who only provide the HTTPS security or SSL security.

Non-Unique titles

On online e-commerce stores, we see many items from the same brand or same items from different brands, which means that for similar products we use the same keywords again and again and this is what search engines don’t like. Knowingly or unknowingly if you are doing so, then you need to stop it. You should write title tags in following manner Brand – Model – Item Type. It will help to avoid duplicate title tags.

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