How it Affects Your Traffic and Rankings

SEO Traffic

The Title, is a part of the code of your website that resides between the tags and also shows up in the top header portion of the browser that is visiting it. This title is a very key element to getting search engine rankings as well as traffic from these rankings.

Most search engine visitors scan the results page looking specifically for a title that catches their eye and appears to be targeted to their search. The title , on the first page, that most likely matches their search query will usually be the first one they click. When you are making your titles, and I hope that you do put thought into creating titles that are unique for each page.

Page Content

Make sure the title is related to the on page content that you are delivering on that specific individual page. If your site is about Mortgages and you have a page that specifically talks about Heloc Loans, make sure that title properly reflects that individual page.

If you do not have unique titles across your page, search engines can consider the page Duplicate Content and that page will be filtered and most likely not help your traffic. It could even end up in the supplemental index. When updating your titles, also consider unique, on-content, meta keywords and descriptions as well. Again, to not be flagged as duplicate content.

Primary Keyword

When writing your titles and meta tags, I would suggest that you put your primary keyword at the front of these. Make your title “Mortgage information and advice on Interest Rates, Terms, and More” Instead of “Information and advice of different types of Mortgages” or “Jimmy’s Loan Company” or “Home Page”.

Remember, your Title and Meta Description are like a free Adwords ad. They are the copy that you are using to try and convince a search engine visitor to choose your site. Make them appealing to that visitor, and you will have a higher CTR (Click Thru Rate), and you will also likely see improved rankings in the search engines from have unique titles on each page.

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