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We spent Ten days in Bari, & we chose to hire an automobile. Bari Airport make use of the old Terminal one, really shabby comparing towards the new terminal T2 (they’re connected and you will walk towards the new terminal). Vehicle rental counters can be found within the arrivals room. The very first positive thing is you will not wait. Yes you don’t have to wait.

There is NOBODY, and that I mean nobody was waiting at the counters so we’ve got whole attention. The price from Europe Car was just as promised also it added full insurance, just like we booked. Guy in the desk was built with a decent command in English. The people who are working there are soft and gentle.

The 2nd positive thing could be that the vehicles are within the parking garage some two minutes of walking. So there is no need of walking for a long way. The 3rd positive thing about the Europe Car was the services provided by them. They checked the vehicle before us & marked all of the scratches on the diagram that each side signed. They are very good in Autosuggestion Offertory.

We have brought a transportable GPS Navigation around which is advisable to possess one during Prague. There have been very little traffic jams, once we were advised due to summer holidays. We have planned handful of trips away coupled with simply no trouble with the vehicle, aside from parking within the city.

Also parking at the centre may also be virtually impossible whether you do not are conscious of some hidden parking, yet there is simply no trouble with parking from Prague (we’d prepaid parking within the hotel). Drop-off seemed to be easy. You simply park the vehicle within the garage, they again check it.

The vehicle was fine there were not any surprises away using their pricing either. Till it had been fourteen days following the end in our trip and that we noticed on our statement that the Europe car Athens just billed us at least 165 Euros – presumably for the damage about the car.

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