Graphs and Arrows Point to SEO Marketing Success

SEO Marketing Success

SEO has been around for a few years now, but I’m still surprised at how little most people know about SEO marketing. While business web professionals profess an understanding and an expertise in marketing on the Internet, others that still live in the brick and mortar world of business are still flummoxed by the internal machinations of the World Wide Web.

Not surprising, this allows almost anyone with a laptop and an Internet connection to make great claims about their SEO marketing skills and pass on their bafflegab to unwary business customers looking to improve their presence on the Internet.

SEO Marketing Guru

While I have never presented myself to the luddite business community as any sort of SEO marketing guru (where many others have), I still try to share at least a modicum of my knowledge to others who want to invest some advertising dollars into digital media and search engine presences. They don’t really know much beyond what they were taught in business school, and while they understand print media, and traditional advertising methods, they are still naive when it comes to SEO marketing.

Internet Marketing Campaign

While one would hope that companies don’t dive into the deep end when it comes to starting an Internet marketing campaign, often they are fooled by the terms offered by SEO marketing professionals, terms we know and understand, but come off as impressive to business executives who have little grasp at the reality of the Internet and can only perceive the potential.

Even the basic terms like “SERPs”, “web presence”, “SEO”, “SEM”, are enough to get executive heads nodding in approval when dazzled by an SEO marketing representative who makes grand promises about getting your business soaring to the top of the search engines, dominating the marketplace in just a few short weeks.

WordPress Blog

It’s easy to look impressive; just build a WordPress blog with a business-looking theme, and add a few graphics that represent success! Look at this website, for example. You add a couple of graphs with arrows point upwards and your brain automatically thinks about success! This business must be doing quite well indeed–look at how those arrows are climbing upward!

I’m not trying to pass myself as any sort of SEO marketing watchdog. I know that businesses must understand that it’s buyer beware, even when considering doing business with Internet companies who offer to promote your business brand online. I’m just trying to demonstrate that anyone can make themselves look like an SEO marketing professional with a few bits of copied content, stolen graphics, and some open source software.

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