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I’ve been participating in SEO marketing for several years, but mostly from the other side of the SEO game. Over this period of time I have been approached by numerous SEO professionals seeking to use my web resources for their SEO purposes–usually developing the product or brand of their client’s website.

SEO Content Writers

I have been contracted to write unique content (and by unique content, I mean original words, concepts, and meanings, not the rewritten dribble that comes from so-called freelance SEO content writers), I have posted links on my websites, I have embedded content, I have participated in link exchanges, blog commenting, social media promotion, tweeting, mail forwarding, hosted pages, parked pages, and so on.

Through this experience I have learned how to develop and promote my own websites, although with the attention I drew from the SEO marketers, I may have already had a pretty good grasp on SEO.

I own and operate some websites that have been steady number-one returns in search results for some pretty big keywords. Although I never targeted these markets specifically, I managed to gain the respect of the search engines through steady content building, regular updates, unique content, strong link partnerships, and all those other goody-two-shoes methods that the big search engines appreciated.

Paid Marketing

Although I dabbled in paid marketing from these professional clients, I still managed to reap the benefits of strong traffic through high search engine results, as well as pocket some cash for my own SEO marketing services, although I never called it that.

These days, I earn a living through a variety of revenue streams, along with a real job in the real world. The ability to diversify in unpredictable markets allows me to gain with some websites while others decline, and I balance my time with my websites and other pursuits dependent on the market, my inspiration, my ability to respond to the professional requirements of my clients, and my motivation to write, develop, promote, and blog.

I might not have the resources that the big SEO marketing services can provide, but I do pretty well on my own, thank you very much.This post isn’t so much a promotion of my own SEO expertise, which I am not proclaiming, but rather, there are ways to become good at something when you’re not even trying to get good at something.

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