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A car insurance quote may not be covering your legal expenses on the vehicle. This is an extra cover that is optional for a driver and it includes the claims for losses and costs incurred from normal insurance policies such as a comprehensive or third party.

This cover enables the driver to claim back the losses when the accident was not due to their fault. A simple example of such cost may be the cost of renting a compensatory car while your vehicle is in a garage for repair work. This is beneficial for those who do not have a comprehensive insurance. All the driver has to do is record the facts in a claim form for legal expenses and talk to a solicitor suggested by your insurance company. The case may or may not go to a legal court.

Most of the car insurance companies have this legal expense cover as an optional feature of your in policies. But this cover is still an under rated one as compared to other features. The major reason for this is that price competition between the insurance companies for the lowest car insurance quote is very intense. By keeping minimum features in a policy, these companies try to quote the lowest possible quotes to the drivers.

The cost for selecting this cover will vary with different insurers. Some big companies can also offer this legal expense cover for free to maintain their brand name. By taking this extra feature in your insurance policy, you can sit back and relax without any worry about the various costs incurred due to legal formalities for a claim. Complicated court cases can be dragged for many years and the final settlements can be very expensive for you. Legal expense cover will keep your worries at bay.

Tips for Young Drivers in UK

If we go for a supermarket comparison, one thing that comes into notice is that since the last decade, car insurance premiums in UK for young drivers have considerably increased. The average premium for a fresh driver of 17 years (male) is about £1300.

Car Insurance Premiums

Young female drivers are charged comparatively less than young boys for car insurance premiums because it is generally believed that girls are less probable for crashing their cars. Young boys are considered more interested in speeding on roads or racing with fellow commuters. This makes them fall into a high risk category.

But young teen boys who are new drivers can take some steps to lower their premiums. When you are purchasing your car, look for the insurance group number it falls into. The insurance premiums rise as one selects a car from groups 1 to 20. Select a right car with insurance premium you can easily afford. A supermarket comparison for various groups of cars can guide you to the best car that is most economical.

Your car insurance premium is also affected by the area in which you reside. If you live in big and more crowded places like London, your car is more likely to get stolen or getting crashed or meet with an accident. Your premiums will be more expensive if you live in such areas. It is advisable for young drivers to go for additional driving courses such as a pass plus course which can entitle you for discounts in your car insurance premiums.

Maintain a good driving record for a year, and you will receive more discounts in the subsequent years. Also, it helps in your no-claims discount at a later stage. Initially, you will be offered a third party fire and theft insurance cover considering the costs attached. Your good driving record can make you entitle to more policies in the years to come. A supermarket comparison of insurance quotes will help in selecting the cheapest policy amongst all.

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