Maintaining a Workout Routine

Workout Routine

If you’re going on a vacation or business trip and want to make sure you’ll be able to exercise, these tips will help you plan ahead so you can work out right in your hotel. All it takes is a little creativity to keep up with your routine outside a gym, but if you prefer to do the things the traditional way, you’ll also find info about accessing exercise equipment and local fitness resources when you’re a visitor in a new place.

Choosing Healthy Foods

Going abroad and not sure how you’ll manage to keep up with your healthy diet plan? Knowing where to turn for information, and what precautions to take in choosing the foods you eat, can help you eat right most anywhere in the world. Get information on keeping up a healthy diet during international travel

On-the-Go Snacks

You know all about the airport options: a fast food burger, salty packaged snacks, rubbery-looking lunch meat. Packing your own healthy snacks is a better way to get the energy you need while traveling. There are plenty of ways to avoid airport junk food!
Find ideas for healthy snacks that will stay fresh in the airport

Navigating Restaurants Abroad

If you have dietary restrictions, such as food allergies or sensitivity to certain foods, it’s important to be able to communicate your needs to restaurant staff. Planning ahead and knowing some key phrases can help you dine out in a safe and healthy way, no matter where you travel.

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