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SEO Experts

Yes, I know that the first sentence could easily be interpreted to mean “foul language” or “coarse language”. I recognize the difference, and you probably recognize the difference, but many SEO experts wouldn’t understand that the term “strong language” is not an appropriate term to describe strength in writing.

SEO Your Website

This is one of the challenges one can face when hiring a company to SEO marketing your website–you might think that you’re getting a top-notch web expert that knows the nuances of search engines, the power of keywords, and the strength of strong, relevant backlinks. While you might be paying a lot of money for all that web building, you could lose all those results through poor language skills.

Why put in all the effort to build your company’s brand name, earn top rankings in search engines, and waste valuable dollars on Adwords campaigns if the visitors you gain determine that you’re not worthy of their business simply because of a few spelling and grammar mistakes?

Well, simply put, the content on your website is what’s going to make the first impression, and if your writing is less than perfect, the potential customer might feel the same about you. Poor graphics and sloppy writing are the death of many businesses, regardless of their other business strengths.

Professional Writing

If you want professional search engine optimization, you also expect and demand professional writing–it should be an inherent expectation of the service. Seriously, if you’re paying some SEO guru to rewrite press releases, and their English skills are much less developed than their social networking skills, you’re going to lose business.

SEO Marketing Gurus

I see hundreds of emails every day from SEO experts, SEO marketing gurus, SEM professionals, and other SEO peacocks who shake their pretty plumage, but can’t compose a proper English sentence if their life depended on it–which hopefully it didn’t. Do you think they’re going to get the time of day from me or any other businessman who can identify their obvious language weaknesses?

Honestly, if you’re going to drop a bag of cash in the lap of some eager your web developer, take the time to ascertain their writing skills as well as their SEO marketing skills, because you’ll soon realize that one is just as important as the other. If you don’t, you might be the one using the strong language.

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