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SEO Marketing

I can appreciate that you want to learn about SEO marketing. You have a website for which you’d like to rank, and you’re looking for easy solutions in order to get your keywords to rank in the search engines. But when everyone and their Internet-savvy dog is claiming to be an “SEO expert”, who do you believe when you search the web seeking wisdom and guidance on your path to SEO enlightenment?

I did a quick search for the term “SEO marketing” in the Google News section, and I turned up close to 1,500 search results. That means that there are literally hundreds of “authority” sources for SEO marketing, or least sources that have managed to gain the trust of the search engines and obtain status in the News search.

Quickly perusing a random sampling of those “top” articles and stories revealed a lot of the same nonsense, and much of it appeared to be regurgitated tips and tricks from each of the others’ websites. It seems that everyone is saying the same thing, but some are able to promote it better than others because they have a search understanding of SEO marketing. At least that’s my conclusion.

If you consider the thousands of other blogs and websites that churn out basically the same SEO advice, but don’t manage to rank in the search results, you must conclude that those who are reaching the top of the results are doing it better; they have better backlinks or more of them, their website is more optimized, perhaps it’s an older, trusted site, or it has paid to have it rank higher than the others.

SEO Campaigning

There’s only so much information that anyone can provide about SEO marketing or SEO campaigning, or other tricks and tips related to this business. And there are only so many ways that you can spin your content in order to pique the interests of the search engines, enough so that they index your web page, your article, your press release, or whatever golden kernels of delicious SEO knowledge you are offering up for free.

Some sites that I’ve visited basically repeat the same content over and over again, as if repeating the words will magically make them SEO gurus, or convince Google or Yahoo that there sites must be authoritative. “I’ve said it enough times, now they MUST believe me!”

Blog Network Owners

I laugh when I read blog posts that are written in broken English, but emphasize the importance of strong writing. I laugh harder at blogs that encourage original content, but have copy/pasted those suggestions from another similar blog. I’ve even seen blog network owners rewrite the same articles for dozens of their “clone” SEO websites, trying to rank each and every one as an authority on search engine marketing.

I can appreciate the need for freedom of expression, and I know that not everyone will agree on the best ways to promote one’s website, their product or their service. But seriously, if you’re going to provide information that is expected to help others reach their search engine ranking goals, at least be smart enough to follow the advice that you are publishing.

SEO Marketing Site

I could spend hours rehashing the same precepts over and over, in the hopes that my SEO marketing site can achieve higher rankings and ultimately high success. But I prefer to offer up some honest opinion, and point out that not every site if trying to teach you something about SEO marketing–they just want to rank for it themselves using those same terms to vault them up the SEO ladders.

Website Optimization

There are a few trusted sources that can offer you legitimate information on website optimization, and proper marketing. If you search with the right keywords yourself, they’re not hard to find. Should my information be believed? That’s up to you. Is there a certain hypocrisy in my writing? Perhaps but you’re not likely to find this content on any other SEO websites, and I’m not going to rewrite this article for thirty other blogs.

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