SEO Tips For Wordpress

SEO Tips For Wordpress

Actually, this post isn’t going to be specifically about SEO tips for WordPress. My title is an example and a prelude to what I would like to discuss, but it is SEO related. That’s the first step to proper SEO and that’s using a perfect title if you wish to rank higher in the search engines. Using “SEO tips for WordPress” in the title gives it a specific meaning and authority.

Depending on how you have your specific blog set up, the title of your post might also become your URL. In my case the “post plug” is what determines the name of the specific post in my URL. This started back with domain names themselves. Assume you want to dominate the search engines with the term “Google Adsense tips”, you can purchase a domain or if the prior isn’t available. Since that subject is searched so often you have a much better chance of reaching the top of the engines using the search term in your domain name.

By using “Seo tips for WordPress” in my title I am giving it weight. Then I further use the term throughout my post, but of course without “spamming” my own post. I’ve also found that when you put the specific search term in quotations it tends to give it more weight as well.

You might also look at the image I put in this entry. I titled it appropriately as well as used appropriate alternate text regarding the search term I am targeting.

Lastly, you should try using that search term if you utilize any links, even if that term isn’t specifically what you’re linking to. SEO tips for WordPress might link to another post of your own on general SEO tips that a reader can use for WordPress, as well as other blogs or general sites.

So when you write your blog entries, think like a reader. Assume you are a reader that is researching the subject. You go to Yahoo or Google, what would YOU type in to get appropriate results if you needed SEO tips for WordPress?

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