Mix Up Your Workout While Traveling

Workout While Traveling

Whether you’re on vacation or away on business, exercise can take on a new form while you’re on the road. So if your normal routine isn’t possible, be flexible and devise a new one.

When you’re on vacation, after some resting and relaxing, it will probably feel good to start exercising again. Or if you travel frequently on business, you may want to work out but are tired of the same old hotel fitness centers with their basic treadmills and weights. So why not give your normal workout routine a vacation too? Read on for some ideas on how to work up a sweat in ways you might not have considered before.

On-the-Road Exercise Variety: Think Out of the Box

There are plenty of ways to get in a good workout while you’re traveling or on vacation — and you don’t need to use a single step from your regular workout routine. Consider some of these ideas for a start:

  • Take a walk. Explore your new surroundings on foot — doing a little sightseeing at a brisk, work-up-a-sweat pace will make the time fly by.
  • Engage in some water fun. If you’re near the ocean, go swimming, surfing, snorkeling, or recruit some players for a lively game of beach volleyball or water polo.
  • Think pedal power. Rent a bike and cycle the city — it’s a great way to explore all the while you’re burning calories!
    Play a game. Why not have a little fun? You’re on a trip, after all. Check out a local course and hit a round or two of golf, or play a few friendly games of tennis on a local court.
  • Go shopping. Walking briskly through a mall or hitting the streets while carrying packages can actually be good exercise.
    Take a hike. On vacation in the mountains or visiting a location with good hiking trails nearby? Head out for a healthy hike.

Gear Up For a Run

Going jogging while you’re away from home is a great way to make this type of exercise more fun. Local parks, trails, and waterfronts can provide great new scenery for you to enjoy. Your hotel may have recommendations for good places to run and many are also able to provide maps of local trails. Some people actually plan vacations around jogging and hiking routes. If you’re an avid runner and look forward to the opportunity to take a run through new sights and sounds, do your research before you go.

Most large public parks have running courses. Research ahead of time where those parks might be if you’d like to use them,” he recommends.

Work Out in Your Room

If time or circumstances interfere with other options, you can also get a great work out right in your own hotel room with portable equipment such as resistance bands and jump ropes. Some hotels even provide these items to their guests. Find out more about how you can maximize your workout routine right in your hotel room in “Keeping Up With Exercise While on Vacation.”

But If You Miss That Gym…

If you are going to be in town for a while and want to find a real gym for your workouts, you can probably find one that offers a temporary membership or one-day passes.Ask your hotel if they provide passes to a local gym or fitness center. With the growing number of travelers interested in fitness while they are on the road, this is becoming easier to find.
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“If your hotel itself doesn’t have a gym, often they will have some sort of relationship with a nearby gym,” says Lytle. So before you book your reservation, be sure to ask the hotel what sort of exercise options it can offer you. Another good idea when you’re looking for a hotel for business or vacation travel and you want to continue your workout routine at a gym, is to do a search online and then narrow your choices to hotels that are closest to a gym or fitness center.

With a little planning, you should certainly be able to find a gym to call home while you’re traveling. And if you’re up for something new, traveling can be a great excuse to vary your workout routine and try something you might never have a chance to do at home.

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