All I Can Eat Ribs and Black Eyed Peas

Richmond hotel room

Given I’ve a light day on sales calls, and that I’ve just checked into my Richmond hotel room a workout is not far behind. I rarely am able to workout mid-day, so this is a real treat for me. Plus, I’ll do a few laps in the pool, and take advantage of a warm swim to get some needed cardio exercise into my week.

Plus, the fellow I sat next to on the plane started chatting with me about some great food places in Richmond. The one that really stuck out to me was Double T’s BBQ over in Carytown.

And while I don’t normally go out of my way to participate in all you can eat venues, on Tuesdays, apparently, they have an all you can eat ribs deal that should not be missed. Well, it’s Tuesday and I’m planning on working off extra calories this afternoon so I can eat bunches of ribs tonight!

If I had done some better research on events happening in Richmond, I might have gotten down here yesterday. The Black Eyed Peas apparently performed at the Richmond Coliseum. I’m betting that it was a great show. Sometimes I can just kick myself when I don’t do enough work when scheduling my travel. It’s really not that much more work to check a few local sites to see what’s happening during my time in town.

Guess I’ll have to add that as an addendum to my New Year’s Resolutions. Do more digging when I know what cities I’m visiting. Do not miss any more great events that I could attend simply by rescheduling a meeting, taking an earlier flight, whatever.

Oh well. On to my workout. And later a huge plate of all the ribs I can eat! I’ll save you some BBQ sauce! Have a great one.

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