Heading Home To Sun Soaked Paradise

New Mexico

On the flight home to Phoenix from my latest sales trip. Other than my stop in New Mexico this entire run was spent on the East Coast. Of course it was all winter weather. Tons of cold, snow, rain, and cold.

Did I mention that it’s been really cold?! Yikes. Now I know why people out here are so jealous of us residing west of the general snow line in this country. Well, to be fair, it’s only during the coldest, wet months that you ever hear anyone around those parts wimpering about these things.

For the most part, those of us that live in the dry, arid, even desert climates seem to be pretty wimpy when it comes to getting wet and/or cold. But what can you expect? Our bones have been sun soaked for years now and when inclement weather threatens our comfortable happiness we tend to belly ache.

Which is all the more reason I love being able to travel as a part of my living. Of course I miss the wife and children. That goes without saying. However, when I’m focused on doing my best work, making the sales, I’m always happier to be out on the road making good things happen for our company.

Add to the equation the fact that most all of the hotels I stay at have great fitness workout facilities I’m able to stay in top shape. Even after an all I can eat festival at a local rib factory! (Don’t tell my wife about that one, please!)

Usually I’m able to schedule from 7 to 10 days each month where I get to stay home and do my work. Most of that is scheduling the next flurry of sales trips, and either finishing up sales paperwork or various other office related stuff.

This time at home allows me the full and complete joy of spending quality time with the family while still being able to fulfill my financial duties as well. I’ve said it before, and I’ll likely say it again. I really love everything in my life right now and wouldn’t change a thing. How about you? Love to hear how great things are or will be in your world.

Till next time, be great to yourself!

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