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Almost all car insurance companies will offer you a no-claims discount in your car insurance premiums. Your no-claims bonus is a crucial factor for availing a discount in your future insurance premiums. Two simple methods can help you in protecting your no claims bonus.

The most simple and logical method to protect your bonus is by not making any claim at all. You have to take a number of related steps for not making any claim. Driving carefully to avoid any kind of accident or crash is a pre-requisite. Some accidents are unavoidable and are not in your control, but otherwise you must be extra careful on the road to protect your no-claims discount.

Your second insurance policy premium can be as low as 30 percent as the previous if you are able to avail the no-discount bonus. In addition, you can weigh the financial matters and avoid reporting the minor incidents which involve minimum repair costs. Sacrificing your no-claims bonus for minor incidents is not a good option. Avoid claiming for incidents which are very much in your budget for repairs and protect your no-claims bonus.

You can also protect your no-claims bonus through your motor insurance policy. This can be done by adding a small amount in your policy specially to protect your no-claims discount. In such a case, any claim you make will not affect your no-claims discount opportunity. This method does not ensure a lower premium for your next policy.

Car insurance companies consider the number of times you have made claims and also the number of years for no-claims discount. This policy may not protect you if you are planning to make quite a lot of claims under such a facility. The best method to save your money on car insurance is by comparing car insurance quotes from different insurers online.

Which Gender is More Risky?

A leading research company tried to find out differences in different crashes based on genders of the drivers and found huge reasons for insurance companies to firmly classify the risky groups of people for calculating their car insurance. If we compare car insurance for men and women, we find many differences and now we know the reason why.

The research showed that males are more aggressive and riskier drivers than females. They drive faster than women and are 42 per cent more prone to severe head-on collisions than women. Males have 37 per cent more likelihood to crash into trees and 49 per cent more likelihood to run their cars over an animal on their way. In addition, they have 36 per cent greater chances than women to hit a pedestrian walking on a sidewalk.

On the other hand, women have 55 per cent more likelihood to rub their vehicles slightly in a car parking area. And at a traffic light, the same figure is 47 per cent. This can be attributed to the lower speeds that women prefer while driving. Females have 15 per cent more likelihood than males to smash into a parked car and 18 percent more likelihood to collide with a biker or having a shunt at a roundabout spot. Females are 78 per cent more likely to lose their car keys or locking themselves out of their vehicle. Women generally use handbags and this makes them 23 per cent more vulnerable to car thefts than men.

To summarize the results of the research, it can be said that men are more aggressive drivers than women and are prone to major accidents due to reckless driving or over speeding. Women can lose their concentration easily and are more prone to minor accidents. Compare car insurance quotes from different companies and find the cheapest deal if you come under the riskier gender.

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