Davao City : A Glance of Abreeza Mall, with 7-Random Thoughts

Davao City Mall

I was with my colleague when I visited this place to accompany him buy something. Having full confidence and unscathed interest on Architectural design on the “New Domes in the Philippines”, using my smartphone, I took the chance to take some snapshots of the mall’s facade and its interior design. Some are fond in portrait photography, some are doing multi-category like landscape, portrait, street and macro and some are also into Architectures, like me.

Taking photos on some malls in the Philippines are prohibited maybe due to security measures. But to some extent, I don’t have apprehensions in taking that risk.Why risk? There are cellphone and camera grabbers out there.

Here are my 7-random thoughts while taking photos inside the malls and the facade.

  1. The guards were so friendly when I took pictures inside and outside the malls. I just don’t know why they’re just not that strict to people taking pictures on the architectural interiors, unlike other malls in Metro Manila. Seems the guards don’t bothered that I am taking pictures inside the mall.
  2. Aside from “Tagalog” speaking residents, the salesladies and salesmen are so courteous to customers, just like SM Malls.
  3. Ayala Malls introduced the green architecture. They’ve always preserved green environment like the acacia tree that I’ve seen outside the mall which is still in good shape and condition.
  4. Modern type of Architectural Design was also introduced like high ceiling with heat insulation. This is to reduce the usage of power generated air conditioning system. High ceiling is to let proper air circulation.
  5. Roof Decks with green boxes.
  6. Located at the commercial hub of Davao City, beside or near Victoria Plaza and along J.P. Laurel Avenue.
  7. Lastly, confident with the Davao City’s peace and order condition. But just be a sensible traveler.

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