Spending the Holidays Away from Home

holidays away from home

Celebrating the holidays when you’re away from home can be a joyful experience if you have the right mind-set. Whether you’ll be on your own or with family, the following tips will help you make the most of your holidays away from home.

All Alone and far Away

If you will be on your own during the holidays in an unfamiliar place, take heart you are not alone. If you plan ahead, you can connect with others at your destination through organizations such as Servas, a worldwide cultural exchange network that promotes peace and goodwill.

Or consider the time to yourself as a special treat. Find an unusual festival to attend. A good resource for events around the globe is What’s on When. Tourist offices will also give you suggestions.

In Europe, many of the Christmas markets stay open right up until December 24th. Bundle up, chat with the vendors, shop, stroll and sip mulled wine — it’s an enchanting experience. And when you’re alone, you’ll make friends more easily as you’ll be more open to conversation.

Some other options: Book a spa treatment, shop for unique gifts, or call, write or send fancy postcards to your family and friends.

Connecting with Friends and Family

Of course, you don’t have to stop at postcards when keeping in touch. Sign up for the free My Trip Journal, where you can share your activities and photos online with those at home.Remember, your family is only a phone call away. Or keep in touch via Twitter, email or texting.

Holiday Meals Away From Home

Will you be dining out for the holidays? Whether you are alone or with your family, plan ahead by researching restaurants at your destination. Many offer holiday meals, especially on Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you will be dining alone, choose a cheerful restaurant, bring a favorite book, and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

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