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Save water in the kitchen

Water is a very precious resource. By some estimates, only one percent of the total water on earth is usable for our daily life use. An average American consumes more than a hundred gallons a day and most of this water is being just wasted. We can save water in our kitchens by acting a little more positively. The first thing on the list is to check the faucets in the kitchen. If they drip, change it! No excuse here. Dripping of few spoons an hour can waste a lot of water daily, simply gallons. A faucet fix-up will save you a lot in water bills and sanity.

Dishwashers are the biggest water wasters in your kitchen and especially “Automatic dishwashers”. Use your dishwasher only when it is full and make sure that it has been loaded properly in a way that you’ll not need a second wash. Better you try to wash some of your dishes with your hand if your dishwasher is full and you still have some dishes left. This will save a lot of water and give you good exercise as well.

Fill in the sink with water and put soap/dish-washing liquid in it. Keep dishes in this water for a while and then rinse them. This will save a lot of water because food residues will be easily cleaned. Use efficient kitchen faucets to save water. Best Cheap and low-quality faucets have a limited life and start dripping soon.

Garbage disposals waste too much water. Do not wash waste food stuff for garbage disposals. Start a compost pile and there is nothing more organic and rich in life for your garden than compost made at your home.

You can see that doing your part to save water does not need too many changes in your normal routine life. We need to follow simple responsible habits. By being responsible we can save our lovely world and our natural resources from being spoiled and wasted. A cool environmentally friendly way of living is not very difficult to follow!

In conclusion, putting these water-saving techniques into practice in the kitchen can drastically cut down on water wastage. Every drop matters, and by collectively making minor adjustments to our daily routines, we may significantly impact water conservation efforts. In addition to helping the environment, reducing water use in the kitchen can help people live more sustainably and save money.

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