Green Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces

The green themes are very trendy for weddings and recommend them to all brides and grooms who are thinking of planning a fresh & vibrant wedding reception. We love green because it is always energizing, dynamic and cheerful. This color can lift up any type of wedding atmosphere and make it more inviting, warm and jovial for the guests.

Green is also one of those colors associated with positive things, such as: new beginnings, hope, optimism, fertility, energy, good mood, joy of living, happiness, trust, loyalty, health, protection, wealth, etc. These are only a few of the many attributes assigned to the green color that we believe can be convincing for couples who are still skeptical about using this color in their wedding. Green is also recognized as the color of innocence, motivation, faith, creativity and originality. Now that you know all these, it will be easier to decide whether this theme is appropriate for a wedding or for your wedding.

Wedding Decorations

When it comes to wedding decorations, green can do miracles if used with style. The designers who created these arrangements are surely talented and their modern vision is the one to blame for the uniqueness of these centerpieces. The first green wedding centerpiece we’re showing here is actually a beach-inspired arrangement.

The design is relatively simple, discreet yet very vibrant. The exotic flair specific to a beach wedding is provided by the sago palm leaves and Asplenium Crispy Wabve spikes. The designers used bright and pale yellow roses, orchids and ranunculuses some of the most beautiful and trendy ruffled blooms used nowadays in casual weddings. This arrangement looks summery and it is a tropical-bloom inspiration that can fit any type of destination wedding reception.

Those who want something unedited and fresher can opt for a green fruit wedding centerpiece. The second picture provides you with the most inspiring design of this kind. The glass-footed bowl used for this centerpiece is filled with green grapes, quince, apples, Anjou pears and chinaberries.

The designers also used a few delicate tropical clematis vines in ivy and white for a more graceful, elegant and formal aspect. The third arrangement on this page is another exotic fruit & herb centerpiece created for rustic weddings. The tables are decorated with laurel garlands, persimmons figs, raspberry branches and passion fruits.

The fourth arrangement is an innovative type of centerpiece that features cups of budding seedlings. They are take-home centerpieces that look elegant, sleek and outstanding. They make a unique alternative for traditional centerpieces and wedding favors. These arrangements create a flattering visual interest for those who are looking for something different, fun and creative.

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