Finding My Tribe

Holiday in Hawaii

My holiday in Hawaii is almost over and I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful it has been. Although the scenery and landscapes, the activities and adventures, have all been amazing, the highlight for me has been spending time with loving, like-minded people.

For those who know me, or have been to a retreat or seen my DVD The Emotional Aspects of Healing my background of being severely bullied at school and feeling incredibly lost and alone for many years would be familiar. Fitting in and making friends became a mission for me but one that was set up to fail over and over, as I tried to adapt and change myself so that people would like me. People pleasing became a habit, and I would often sacrifice myself to keep others happy.

Fast forward through years of self-development and at forty years of age, I am finally finding the tribe of people to whom I belong, who feel like family. Even though over those years I was always learning and growing, finding friends who are as alternative thinking as I am, who lives in love, who are into deep self-exploration and living life to the full, has not been easy.

Not many people can meet me at the level of honesty and intimacy that I choose to communicate at and I have lost friends who choose to deny their dysfunctions rather than open up and heal those wounds with the support of a friend. As my life went through some big changes over the past year, I finally dropped the last shreds of the need to fit in, and fully embraced and accepted who I am. And then I set out to find my tribe!

David Wolfe Tour

The February David Wolfe Tour was pivotal for me. Spending time with like-minded people, traveling, working, sharing, and laughing together I fit I didn’t have to try people got me and I got them. Back in Australia, I manifested some new friends who are also on this conscious path through life.

In Hawaii over these past couple of weeks, I have found another tribe of aware, loving individuals who have taken friendship and lifted it to another plane. This is what it is to be in a relationship with people; where everyone you meet connects at a soul level and shares an honesty that is rare in “normal” society. To have found my tribe is one of the greatest blessings in my life and one that I am eternally grateful for.

When I talk about health, I talk about how many aspects of our lives have an impact on our well-being and our quality of life relationship is one very important aspect. Until these last few months, I didn’t realize how vital it was for me to have this tribe in my life, to be filled up on an emotional and spiritual level, that makes my heart sing every day.

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