5 Of The Best Tropical Vacation Spots


Undoubtedly, there are many places worldwide where you can relax on white sandy beaches while gazing at azure waters and soaking up the sun. However, the best tropical vacation spots offer something extra-special. They not only occur in places with spectacular beaches, but also where visitors find amazing food, rich culture, exceptional accommodations and even an abundance of water sports! Below, we take a look at 5 of the best tropical vacation spots as follows:

  1. Mauritius

For those who prefer to spend their tropical vacations in an abundance of opulence and extravagance, then Mauritius is the place to be. From its spectacular beaches, five-star luxury hotels, and limitless activities to occupy your time, you may never want to leave! Located to the east of Madagascar, this African Island country is a melting pot of cultures and exquisite foods that will no doubt stimulate your senses.

  1. Phuket, Thailand

Located off the western coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea, this island province bore the brunt of the 2004 Asian Tsunami. However, repairs and rebuilding have taken place in the years since thereby restoring Phuket to its rightful stature as one of the most popular vacation spots across all Asia. Besides its vibrant nightlife, Phuket also offers visitors the chance to explore tropical rain forests.

  1. Seychelles

Sitting on the Indian Ocean less than 1,000 miles off the Eastern Africa coast, this tropical archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was once thought to have been the location of the Garden of Eden! In the Seychelles, you will definitely savor each moment of your tropical vacation in this pristine paradise that is home to an array of species and rare flora and fauna.Best Tropical Vacation Spots

  1. Hawaii

It really matters little which of the Hawaiian Islands you choose to visit. This is because each offers a unique tropical paradise with palms and beaches. Visitors who prefer a fast pace should head to Maui or Oahu whilst more low-key travelers will be better suited to Kauai, Lanai, or the Big Island of Hawaii. Needless to say, all these islands offer visitors a unique glimpse into the local culture whenever you attend a luau, and the bravest travelers can then hike around active volcanoes and craters.

  1. The Caribbean

With islands like Barbados, San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Tortola, and Jamaica, the Caribbean is, arguably, one of the best places to enjoy a tropical vacation. With an abundance of tourists all year round, visitors get to choose from a variety of locations. Whether it is hitting a different beach each day in Barbados or attending the annual Carnival in Puerto Rico, you are guaranteed to find a variety of accommodation, friendly people, tasty cuisine and an atmosphere that is sure to leave you dancing to the drum beats. If unsure of which islands to visit, you may opt for one of the many cruises that operate throughout the Caribbean region in order to sample which is best.

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