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As a Security Recruiter and a Security Job Coach I routinely help my individual clients with security resume writing, job search strategy, interviewing, interview tips, interview preparation, LinkedIn profile optimization and training and more. These activities are activities I have classified under the heading of Secuirty Job Coaching.

What is Executive Leadership Coaching?

Much of what I’ve been doing for over two decades would fall under that classification of a Job Coach or Executive Coaching. Some might call it Career Consulting. Executive leadership coaching or in my case, Security Executive Leadership Coaching is a deeper process that isn’t so much event driven as it is focused on behavioral change. In order to change one’s behavior, it makes sense that a person should first deeply understand who they are.

Your Personal Hard Wiring

Seriously, have you ever invested the time to slow down to determine just how you’ve been put together? Do you know why you do what you do? Do you know why you react to certain situations the way you do? Through the use of assessments, I can help my clients to determine how they are hard wired.

I can assist my clients to determine their personal values. I can help my clients to build a roadmap that leads to positive, measurable change that is recognizable by others. I can help my clients to determine what they were built to do.

Wouldn’t you be more successful if you pursued jobs that lined up with what you were built to do? How about if you worked for a company that was built on core values that resembled your core values. You could step right in and start producing without having to deal with the stress that comes from core values being out of alignment.

Personal Values vs Corporate Values

If you’re currently employed, do you know how your personal values either gel with or clash with those of your boss? When you were interviewing, did you know enough about your personal core values to ask questions of your interviewer to learn about the values of your future boss or the company as a whole?

It is this disconnect between one’s core values and the core values of a company or the manager an individual works for that causes people to be open to recruiting calls. It is this same disconnect that leads to stress in the workplace.

Are You a Hiring Manager?

Do you know how to discuss your personal core values with a job applicant? Do you know how to describe the core values of your company to a job applicant? When you’re ready to get your team performing at a top performance level and you’re ready to decrease turnover, call me.

Are You Stuck or Somehow Unsatisfied in Your Current Professional Role?

There could be many different reasons you’ve encountered a road block or you’ve hit your head on a ceiling. Working from a foundation of data derived from objective assessment tools, I can help you to see where you are so that together, we can build a roadmap to help you get from Point A to Point B.

Security Executive Leaderhips Coaching

When I turned to my wife, to several clients and to several security executives who know me well and told them that I was ready to elevate my service to the security profession by doing whatever it would take to acquire appropriate executive coaching credentials, I was informed that I’d already been coaching for a decade or more.

With that helpful feedback in hand, I set out to find the best coaching schools available. I measured various coaching schools against what I thought business executives would want and need from me. What I came up with was the need for my coaching education to produce Behavioral change that is sustainable, measurable and recognizable by others.

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