Be Creative with Your Advertising

Creative Advertising

The point of this post is to make you think about the way you advertise. Most tend to get straight to the point and be general about their sites and what they have to offer. Being humorous about your advertising is another great method to attract attention. If someone sees a hilarious advertisement, their curiosity might lead them to you site.

The same can be said about controversial ads. Drawing on someone’s emotions might also lead them to your site. This isn’t just about pictures either, although they work the best. You can be creative in your text ads as well. Think outside the box for new ways to advertise and promote your site.

Adengage for Advertising

I’ve been using Adengage successfully for well over a year now. This program is very easy to join, whether you are looking to advertise your sites or if you want to be a publisher. One of the best reasons to use this service for advertising are some of the hidden deals you can find. I’ve been lucky enough to find sites to advertise on for as low as $5 per week and received a couple thousand visitors in return for such a small investment. These sites allow either phototext ads ad 100×100 or text ads, and in some cases both.

It’s all done automatically as well. You just choose which sites you want to advertise on, make your short campaign and add a photo, pay by credit card or Paypal – and your ads will be live very quickly. If you’re a publisher, you just join and add the code onto your site where you want the ads displayed. You publish your site on theirs and what you’re offering and for what price. If someone chooses to advertise with you, you don’t have to do anything and the ads will automatically start, and you will be paid.

Most of the very cheap deals are from newer sites that are just getting into the advertising business, but even new sites are capable of generating a lot of traffic. There are also plenty of established sites on there with massive amounts of exposure but of course your rates will be much higher to advertise on such sites.

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